Sunday, February 2, 2014

Microsoft Courting Google's Sundar Pichai As Next CEO

+Sundar Pichai is Google’s senior vice president of +Chrome , Apps, and Android. When it comes to desktop and mobile software Pichai ha really shown what he can do. Sundar also played a role in the development of +Google Drive, +Gmail, and +Google Maps.

In the past few years, Sundar has done some really amazing things for Google, not to mention Android. We’d be very surprising if Sundar  decided to part ways with Google, however this isn’t the first time we’ve head rumors of Sundar calling it quits at Google. When Pichai was offered an exec position at +Twitter, rumor is Google paid him $50 million to stick around.

Stay posted for more information as details surface. Drop us your comments below, what is your take on a possible Sundar departure from Google?

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