Monday, December 19, 2011

Eric Schmidt reveals that Google may be working on Nexus Tablet

Speaking to Italian newspaper, Google Chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt revealed that Google is hard at work on “a tablet of the highest quality,” and that it may be bringing this device to market as early as June 2012. Mr. Schmidt made it clear that the gloves are off in the tablet fight against the iPad, and Google’s tablet offering would be targeted to take the tablet reigns from Apple’s market-dominating tablet.
It’s unclear whether Google will be manufacturing the device in-house, or whether they’ll partner with an OEM to manufacture the device similar to what they do with the Nexus line of smartphones. We’re learning towards the latter, with Motorola being the most likely partner due to the pending Google-Motorola merger. We hope this isn’t the case, though, as Motorola hasn’t exactly been making the most sleek and sophisticated Android tablets out there (looking at you, Xyboard). Personally, I’d like to see Google partner with either ASUS or Samsung whose Transformer Prime and Galaxy Tab devices have been personal favorites of mine.
We must point out that the Italian translation is a rough one, so take the translation for what it’s worth. Still, Google is ready to push tablets running Ice Cream Sandwich, and they think ICS can finally dethrone the iPad atop the tablet charts.
Regardless, we’re happy to see Google fully embrace tablets, as the idea of a Nexus tablet has been exciting us here at Android and Me since the initial idea was introduced over a year ago. We’ll bring you more information on a Nexus tablet as we learn more.

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