Thursday, January 26, 2012

HP Announces More Details for Open WebOS 1.0

You didn’t think HP forgot about WebOS did you? Okay maybe you did, but they are back with announcements today to remind you that they haven’t. HP is changing a few things to make it easier to open source WebOS. The biggest of those changes is switching to a Linux kernel instead of using their own custom one. This is going to make it much, much easier for people to install WebOS on a wider variety of devices. HP has also outed a roadmap for WebOS’ future:
  • January: Enyo 2.0 and Enyo source code Apache License, Version 2.0
  • February: Intended project governance model, QT WebKit extensions, JavaScript core, UI Enyo widgets
  • March: Linux standard kernel, Graphics extensions EGL, LevelDB, USB extensions
  • April: Ares 2.0, Enyo 2.1, Node services
  • July: System manager (“Luna”), System manager bus, Core applications, Enyo 2.2
  • August: Build release model, Open webOS Beta, Open webOS 1.0
Exciting, right? Also note that HP is rolling back the version number to 1.0 since this is basically a new version of WebOS.

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