Thursday, April 12, 2012

Microsoft Forms Subsidiary To Work On Various Open-Source Projects

Microsoft on Thursday formed a new subsidiary that will work with open-source projects, open-standards groups and interoperability initiatives. The subsidiary is called Microsoft Open Technologies Inc., and it will be formed from the company’s Interoperability Strategy team. Microsoft executive Jean Paoli will lead the new spin-off, which will consist of between 50 and 75 employees. In an interview with GeekWire, Paoli said Microsoft’s existing groups and divisions will continue to be involved with open-source projects, but at the same time the subsidiary will have the ability to work with outside projects at a faster pace. “We believe that the subsidiary will provide a new way of engaging with open-source communities in a more clearly defined manner,” he said, adding that the effort is about “bridging Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies.” Microsoft Open Technologies will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft and will feature a board of directors that includes executives from the company’s business groups.

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