Thursday, May 24, 2012

iOS Facebook Camera App Launches

It appears that Facebook has taken the time to create their own independent photo application not unlike what they’ve worked on for Android  just weeks ago. This application will be rolling out to fans across the earth soon with quite a few features extremely similar to what users of Instagram are already used to using. What you won’t be getting here is shares within the app only and sharing with other social networks all at once, this is purely a Facebook thing.

This application will be working to enhance the Facebook experience with full-screen displays of photos, easy to use interfaces, and in-app photos. Though past versions of Facebook have had inline photo-taking abilities, this version is able also to have you sharing multiple photos at once and is working with your already-taken photos with ease as well. This application also works with a whole new set of aesthetics you’ve perhaps had a glimpse of when the Android version was released.

This version will be popping up on the iTunes app store today and is currently sitting in iTunes Preview for you to gawk at until its launch for your area.

Apple iTunes Facebook Camera App Preview page link

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