Monday, May 21, 2012

Motorola Says If Android 4.0 Will Not Improve Devices, Will Not Upgrade Them

After Motorola updated their Android 4.0 upgrade timeline, many users were left wondering why Motorola had no plans to release the new software version for select handsets that haven’t even reach the one year anniversary of their release. Motorola seemed committed to providing updates for as many handsets as possible, but now has issued a statement explaining some of their rationale behind withholding Ice Cream Sandwich from some.
Simply put, if the new version of Android doesn’t offer an improved device experience, Motorola has no plans to issue an update. Though it may not please all users, the move is probably for the best. A smartphone with hardware that can’t adequately handle new software will offer a poor user experience. It isn’t what most users want to hear, but with only so many resources available to dedicate to developing device upgrades it works out better for everyone.
Some will argue that independent developers often produce builds of new Android software that will run on older phones, but the level of performance and stability simply doesn’t meet what Motorola, the carriers, and even Google would consider a retail-ready experience.

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