Thursday, July 26, 2012

Motorola Photon Q Bootloader Will Be Unlockable

Photon Q
Motorola has taken to their blog and Twitter to confirm something that always manages to come up when a new device is announced and eventually released. Will the bootloader be unlockable? In the case of the Motorola Photon Q and some other upcoming unnamed devices:
For months now we’ve been working closely with our developers and carrier partners to provide users a way to to unlock the bootloader on their Motorola Mobility device while keeping the networks secure and satisfying carriers’ requirements.  And we’ve finally found a solution.
Starting with the Motorola PHOTON Q, users will be able to unlock the bootloader. Other products will have this option too in the future.

Motorola PHOTON Q will be available on Sprint in August. Specific details on unlocking the PHOTON Q’s bootloader will be available then.

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