Tuesday, January 22, 2013

HTC M7 High Resolution Render

We’ve heard all the rumors, seen blurry cam pictures, begrudgingly posted iffy looking renders, but it looks like we finally have an image which accurately depicts the HTC M7. A tip yesterday afternoon kicked off a frantic expedition which eventually led us to the image you see above.
While the render depicts the HTC M7 (a fact which we reconfirmed with not one, but two of our trusted sources), many of you may find the design of the phone looks strangely familiar. That’s because HTC has chosen to borrow a few of the accents from the HTC 8X for the design of the HTC M7. The placement of the HTC logo and speaker grill on the front of the device, match the blurry image we’ve already seen of the M7 while the icons match the “simple and clean” UI features which were spotted in a previous HTC Sense 5 leak.
It’s impossible to know when the HTC M7 will be officially announced, but we hope HTC’s global launch plans means we’ll be seeing the phone on all major U.S. and international carriers without any cosmetic or name changes.

Source: HTC Source

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