Monday, March 18, 2013

Google Keep Note Taking App Spotted

Google, as a service provider, tries to cover all aspects of an online life a person could have, providing all the services. If you think of it, the company has the best known search engine and the best known email service. There is also a very good social networking site, a very good operating system for computers and a very popular operating system for mobile device, a very powerful, secure, and stable internet browser, cloud apps, cloud services for business, solutions for almost every kind of need a business could have. When such is the situation, it will be hard at work to try its luck with other popular online services.

With the success of Evernote, it is pretty obvious that people are very serious about taking digital notes on their computers or mobile devices, and they are doing this very much using Evernote. So it is only very evident that Google would want to try this service as well, after its Notebook service failed. The service we are talking about is Google Keep.

If you have heard of this before, you are not alone. This is because we have heard the name and seen the logo before. But according to a post on Android Police, the service was briefly up on and that just means that we have to keep an eye on it. Also, the web publication features the above screenshot of the service which was submitted by a Google+ user.

Last year, the search engine giant accidentally leaked a screenshot on its Google Plus page which had a link labelled, “save to Google Keep.” Now, even though we do have anything like that, we have this official image to hold on to. And until the company makes any official announcement this is all we have.

Source: The Verge

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