Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Copy Now Available For Android

There’s a new kid on the block when it comes to cloud storage. I think just about everyone knows about Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon Cloud Drive. Well, now it looks like we have a new challenger. They’re called Copy and they’ve recently introduced an Android application into the Play Store. After checking it out, I must say… I’m rather impressed.

Let’s talk about storage first. It’s pretty much a standard to offer 5GB of storage for free upfront. That’s a given. But where Dropbox offers bonus storage for getting friends to sign up (small 500MB increases), Google Drive the others offer nothing. Copy separates themselves from the competition by offering an additional 5GB for every person you get to sign up, who in turn, gets an additional 5GB for using your link. That’s HUGE. That means you’re probably not going to want to sign up on your own you’re gonna wanna use a friend’s sign up link.

Let’s take a look at the Android app. Overall, it’s very clean, very minimal. Stuff stored in the cloud is separated by the tab marked “Contents”. Clicking onto the tab marked “Upload” will display all the media on your phone, and you can further swipe to the left to access raw files (documents, apps, etc.).

For those that want to back up all their smart phone photos automatically to Copy, there’s that option as well. In fact, I kinda prefer over Dropbox. Where Dropbox will upload every single image whether it’s a screenshot, download, or picture taken with your camera Copy will only upload actual pictures taken with your camera, if you ask me that's a great feature over Dropbox.

In conclusion, it seems Copy is doing a whole lot right and what they don’t, can easily be addressed in a future update. You get a nice amount of free storage to start out with and if you’d pay for additional storage, plans start out at 250GB for $10 a month or $100 a year. Also, I didn’t talk much about it, but the desktop application for Mac and Windows is top notch and performs well (it’s almost identical to Dropbox’s offering). If you’re looking for a new place to store your virtual boxes of…. well photo's and what knots, Copy might be the perfect cloud storage for you. 

As I mentioned before, sign up with the affiliate link below to get an additional 5GB and check out the free app now available in the Google Play Store.

Affiliate Link (additional 5GB of free storage)

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