Friday, August 30, 2013

Google Has Acquired Smartwatch Maker WIMM Labs

Google has acquired a new company, smartwatch maker WIMM Labs, a move that further proves Google’s increased interest in wearable smart devices.

This isn't the first time we hear that Google may be working on its own smartwatch in addition to Google Glass, also a wearable device we have told you as much before this year’s Google I/O, and we have shown you new Motorola patent applications for such a device although the company is yet to unveil an actual product.

As for WIMM, the company said in summer 2012 it has entered “into an exclusive confidential relationship” for its technology, which prevented it to sell any more WIMM One Android-based smartwatches to interested buyers. At the time, it was believed that Apple purchased the company.

According to the publication, some WIMM employees now work at Google with the Android team and Google has confirmed the acquisition.

While WIMM products weren't necessarily popular must-have devices, they certainly attracted Google’s attention, and we can safely assume the Search giant will put that smartwatch technology to good use in its own smartwatch models and even in Google Glass.

What may have caught Google’s attention is WIMM’s own developer program, which allowed developers to create so called “micro apps” or “applications that were meant to provide more than just notifications for your smartphone, but actually work independently from the device in your pocket and provide additional functionality.”

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