Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Meet the HTC Fetch, A Bluetooth-Enabled Tag

htc fetch

The HTC Fetch, a little Bluetooth-enabled tag that just went up for preorder on the site of UK-based retailer Clove.

So, how does this gizmo work? The gizmo, which looks just like a key fob that you can put it your wallet, or attach to your bag or keys, connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Whenever the tag, along with the item to which it’s attached, goes beyond 15 meters from your phone, the tag emits a loud alert, that should, in theory, tell you that you were about to lose your stuff.

If you happen to be in a loud environment or if you don’t hear the alarm for some other reason, you can consult the last GPS location of the Fetch on Google Maps. The gizmo takes these coordinates from the smartphone, meaning that it doesn't contain a GPS module itself, and that you have to use the GPS on your phone for this function to work.

If you simply misplaced your keys around the house, you can use a smartphone app to activate the alarm manually, which sounds like a brilliant functionality that many people would love.

The Fetch also features a button with which you can activate the camera shutter on your phone, turning it into a simple remote control. For power, the small device uses a CR2032 battery, that is said to be enough for six months of operation.

The HTC Fetch BL A100 device can be pre-ordered now from Clove for the rather reasonable price of £30 ($38). Not all details are known yet, but we’ll sure bring them to you as soon as we have them.

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