Sunday, March 16, 2014

AT&T’s Aio Wireless Will Become "The New Cricket"

AT&T will now merge Aio Wireless into Leap’s Cricket prepaid brand.
The good news is that not much is changing, at least for now. If you are an Aio Wireless customer, the only change you’ll see in the coming months is the new logo. You'll get access to the same network, same plans, and your same phone number. You also don’t need to change phones or update billing info.

When the Cricket and Aio brands are fully merged, you’ll be able to find retail Cricket stores and do shopping or ask questions. Until then you will receive support the same way you do now by dialing 611.

If you are a current Cricket customer, things will change significantly over time. For now, no need to change anything on your end but when you do Cricket will invite you into a new store to pick-up a new phone and plan.

Source: Aio Wireless (The New Cricket)

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