Thursday, June 7, 2018

Essential Phone’s Second Module, The Audio Adapter HD With MQA Certification

This new Essential PH-1 Audio Adapter HD module attaches to the back of the Essential PH-1 just like the 360 camera, while adding a 3.5mm headphone jack. The Audio Adapter HD module can power high impedance headphones with an “audiophile grade” amp. No pricing is available yet, and Essential says that it’s coming “this summer.”

Along with that new Audio Adapter HD Essential is also releasing MQA certification for the Essential Phone today. The latest Essential PH-1 software update enables support for Master Quality Authenticated or MQA lossless audio. This allows users to hear music the way the artist intended at the highest possible quality, all while keeping the file size to a minimum.

Essential is also partnering with TIDAL to offer users a 3 month free subscription to existing and new Essential PH-1 owners. New Essential PH-1 buyers can get a free set of the company’s USB-C earbuds included with new device purchases.

Source: Essential via Twitter

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