Friday, October 28, 2011

Is a Comcast or Google buyout in Sprint's future

I happened to have an interesting conversation with a Sprintengineer today. This gentleman had a very interesting point.

His point was what if the T-Mobile/AT&T merger does gothru (by some odd chance)? That would put Sprint still as the number threecarrier, but far behind the likes of Verizon and AT&T.  

Not to mention the $15.5M iPhone deal Sprint just inked, networkvision's estimated cost of $7B, and don’t forget the $13B Lightsquared deal. Now withall of this said, Sprint has made it known publicly that they will have to raise$5B-$7B in cash flow to be able to fund the three deals they have committedto. 

Does this make Sprint a prime candidate for asale/buyout.

The first candidate that was tossed around in ourconversation was Comcast, the point that was made Comcast has beenlooking to venture out into the mobile world for some time now.

The second being Google, mind you Google has its ownoperating system Android that has been nothing but a success; just boughtMotorola mobility all Google needs now is a phone manufacture.

The question that come up…. Will Sprint be a prime candidatefor Google or Comcast if the T-Mobile/AT&T merger goes thru?

Sound off, leave us your comments. What do you think? Could there be any truth the the meaningless talk?

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