Wednesday, March 21, 2012

FreedomPop Rumored To Introduce iPhone Case With Free WiMAX Service

An insider at FreedomPop is now suggesting that it'll debut a case for the iPhone 4 / 4S that features a WiMAX radio, hotspot capabilities and delivers a free (albeit, limited) data service. This rumored accessory would complement the company's two previously known devices, which include a USB dongle and a dedicated hotspot. For those unfamiliar, FreedomPop aims to take on a role similar to NetZero -- it's said the company will offer each customer 1GB of free data per month, where each megabyte consumed beyond that limit will cost one penny. That's not to suggest that everything is free, however: the insider also states that customers will need to front a $100 deposit for this alleged case, although that money can be retrieved at any point, so long as the product is returned in good condition.  Airwaves supplier is Clearwire, and, while its WiMAX coverage is less than stellar compared to what the big boys are offering, it still beats 3G speeds by a large margin. The catch? You can't do voice calls over the cellular network with the case.

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