Monday, March 19, 2012

Upcoming Samsung Phone To Use Samsung Processor

Try to contain yourselves here, folks, but the upcoming (and still unannounced) Samsung Galaxy S III apparently will use a quad-core Samsung Exynos system, a "high-ranking" Samsung exec told Korea Times. Shouldn't be much of a surprise there — Samsung's been using Samsung chips in its own phones for quite some time. The bigger story perhaps is that it looks like Exynos processors finally will be playing nice with 4G radios, which will allow Samsung to forgo using other manufacturers' processors.The decision to go with a one-chip solution for the Galaxy S III has been strategic and came directly from the boss JK Shin. What sounded like music to our ears was the reiterated 26% performance improvement in the new Exynos, with 50% gains in battery life.

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