Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Xbox Live Lands On Android

My Xbox LIVE
Ever since Microsoft’s My Xbox Live app first arrived on iOS, I was dying to get my hands on a version of the app for Android. Today, the good folks from Redmond have made that dream come true.
The launch of the Android version of the My Xbox Live app is bittersweet. While it is nice to see the app finally hit Google Play, it’s missing some key functionality.

After signing into the My Xbox Live app, Xbox Live users can check out the latest game trailers and promotional videos Microsoft has to offer, update their profile and avatar, manage messages with friends and flick through achievements and trophies earned through various Xbox games.
My Xbox Live for Android looks amazing. It’s smooth and intuitive. It just lacks some of the most important features the app has to offer on other platforms, like the ability to tether your device to your Xbox and use it as a remote. With the update made available to the iOS My Xbox Live app, iPhone users are able to browse a list of their most recent activity from the app, and use the remote function with media apps like Netflix.
Microsoft hasn’t laid out any plans to bring remote functionality to the My Xbox Live Android app, and with Xbox SmartGlass right around the corner, it might not be any time soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft waited until SmartGlass to release any major updates for Android users.
Remote control functionality or not, at least I can finally check my Xbox Live messages on the go. To install the My Xbox Live app for Android, use the download widget below.

Google Play download link

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