Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Google Will Offer Samsung Galaxy S4 With Stock Android

Google IO 2013 - Google Samsung Galaxy S4 - 010

Google clearly isn't afraid of Samsung’s growing Android presence, with the search giant today announced a completely stock Galaxy S4. Vanilla. Stock. No TouchWiz anywhere. One of the best new Android devices available today just got much, much, much better times infinity.

What you’re seeing here is real: this is a Samsung Galaxy S4 with the same software experience we ship on our Nexus devices. It’s Google’s take on Android and it feels awesome on the S4.”

The vanilla version will be unlocked, sold through Google Play, and available for AT&T and T-Mobile, with LTE support. The bootloader will be unlocked and receive Android updates promptly, no waiting for Samsung or carriers to give the go ahead. Availability is June 26 for $649.

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