Monday, May 27, 2013

Yahoo Willing To Spend Up To $800M To Aquire Hulu

Yahoo could pony up $600M-$800M for Hulu, report says
Just a few days prior we posted an article stating Yahoo! was interested in bidding on Hulu. Reports have said that Yahoo! is willing to pay in upwards of $800 million to acquire Hulu, a video streaming site which is currently owned by Disney, Fox and NBC Universal.

The acquisition of Tumblr was to bring Yahoo a demographic; the company is going through a series of drastic changes at the moment. Yahoo has cut services that aren't bringing in much traffic to the site; Yahoo has also released their own search, mail and weather apps for iOS and Android. These are all moves to bringing in more users and the acquisition of Tumblr and Hulu will help that happen.

Hulu is only as valuable as the content licenses that are signed over with the company; the exclusive content is why Hulu's users pay their monthly subscription fee. Services like Hulu are very popular among the cable cutting portion of society that doesn't want to pay for channels that they won’t watch.

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