Here’s a little surprise bundled within the latest BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 developer beta. Icons have been found bundled in OS 2.0 which show 4G and 4G LTE. We’ve known for quite awhile now that RIM was planning to release a 4G PlayBook. Sprint even came out and announced they’d release a WiMax version in the summer of 2011. Although, Sprint later changed their minds on the whole PlayBook project.
Among the 4G icons, one for a SIM card can be found too. These icons in particular are designed for the top banner, which is where you’d find the common notifications. It appears that the 4G PlayBook project is still a work in progress. Our guess is the icons are there as RIM tests an upcoming 4G variant. Perhaps we’ll see this for the ‘relaunch’ we’ve heard will take place in 2012.
Additionally, there is reference to a screen resolution of 1280×768. As RIM prepares the PlayBook OS to become BBX sorry meant BlackBerry 10, we can only assume this is in place for the next-generation ‘Superphones’ and tablets.