Sunday, February 9, 2020

Samsung Shows Off Samsung Galaxy Z Flip During Oscars Commercial

Galaxy Z Flip Commercial

Samsung is just a few days from its 2020 Unpacked event, and tonight during the Oscars we got an unexpected “spoiler.” 

Samsung officially confirmed the design and features of its unannounced Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in a brief ad during the Oscars. Without actually naming the device, an ad for Samsung shows off the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in depth and teases the Unpacked event on February 11th. 

Source: Twitter

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Byte, Is The New Vine

Image result for byte vine

The Byte app is now available to everyone, both iOS and Android. Byte is a social network based on short video clips, with comment features similar to Instagram, and a "rebyte" feature similar to retweets on Twitter. 

Byte was founded by Dom Hofmann one of the original creators of Vine and is similar to Vine in many ways. (Vine was purchased by Twitter, and shut down 2016.) The Byte app includes a search/explore section that lets you explore content by category, such as animation, pets, fitness, music, comedy, travel, and experimental, as well as latest and most popular content. 

The camera section lets you string together multiple short clips at once, recorded from either the front or back camera, and/or include sections of previously-recorded video. An onion-skinning feature helps you visually align the start of a new clip with the last frame of the last clip.

Source: Google Play, Apple App Store