Monday, May 11, 2020

Newton Email App Is Back

Newton mail app is shutting down. What's next? * Alvistor
Newton is an email app for iOS, Android and desktop computers that has been around for a long time, gaining a large fan base over the years for its forward thinking features, going through many ups and downs as of recently, namely two shutdowns in two years. Media outlets have called it the better mail alternative to the Gmail app, and it has been downloaded on Google Play over a million times.

The new owners of Newton, Justin Mitchell and Maitrik Kataria have shared their plans for the future of the mail app, consisting of the following six steps:
  1. A contingency plan to keep Newton going forever
  2. Building a stable and steady independent business
  3. Add “service” in the SaaS (software as a service) business
  4. Add features that increase the lifetime value
  5. Better security and privacy around your data
  6. Rewards and discounts for loyal customers
You can download the Newton Android app, and Apple's App Store below at the source link.


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