Saturday, December 31, 2011

“Official” Siri For Android App removed from Android Market

Most Android owners don’t seem to suffer from Siri-envy, but try telling that to copycat developers. Ever since the popular fruit phone landed on the Now Network with its chatty digital assistant, the Android Market has been flooded with more than a fair share of generic doppelgangers. Sadly some people go farther than others.
Perhaps a sarcastic spoof of the iPhone 4S’ exclusive software, “Siri for Android” uses Apple’s official Siri icon to launch Android’s pre-existing voice control software. This “app” doesn’t do anything that your phone can’t already do. However, if you feel like having a laugh or two, you can hit the Android Market and install “Siri” on your EVO 3D or PHOTON. We suggest that you act fast, as we suspect the folks from Cupertino’s legal team won’t be taking too kindly to this new addition to the Android Market.
Update: Siri for Android has already been removed from the Android App Market.

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