Thursday, December 8, 2011

YouMail App Yanked from Android Market by Google at T-Mobile's request

YouMail today indicated that its visual voicemail application for Android devices has been removed from the Android Market by Google at T-Mobile's request. In an explanation provided by Google, it said, "It has come to our attention that this application could be used in a way that is harmful to devices, networks or users. Specifically, we have received a complaint from T-Mobile that this application is causing adverse network disruption. We encourage you to contact T-Mobile to negotiate a revision and/or agreement to republish this application and update your existing users." YouMail's CEO said the company was not contacted by either Google or T-Mobile before the application was removed, and only learned of its removal from complaining customers who use the application. In a blog post, YouMail said, "We hate to think this is simply anti-competitive behavior on T-Mobile's part-simply because we've produced an innovative and dramatically better voicemail product than they offer, and that's free on top of it... We're hard-pressed to understand their behavior." YouMail is still available to iPhone users in the iPhone App Store.

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