Thursday, February 2, 2012

webOS Online Account Management

Here's something we've been practically begging to get for three years now: online account management. Today, if you go to and log in with your webOA Account credentials you get just a handful of options. You can view the devices associated with your account (no more than one phone (a topic of a future wish list item) and however many TouchPads you have on that account) and the ability to take those devices and remotely wipe and lock, boot off your account, or secure the appropriate webOS Doctor. That's it.
If this stuff, along with your apps, were the only things associated with your webOS Account, we'd be cool and write about something else today. But that's not the case - with a webOS device you can have your Calendar, Contacts, Memos, and Tasks all backed up to your webOS Account. Even though they're all stored in the cloud, the only benefit you get from that is that they're backed up in the cloud. They key to cloud data is that you can access it in multiple ways, be it from a mobile device, a desktop client, or even directly through a website.
We're not looking for a desktop backup solution here - it's 2012 and we've moved beyond that. What we are looking for is the ability to manage our webOS Account memos and contacts through our browsers. This isn't iCloud-level stuff - we're not asking for backups of our app data (though that would be greatly appreciated), photos, and music. All we want is to be able to get online and easily import a vCard full of corporate contacts or copy a lengthy passage into a memo or update our tasks list. That's it. Oh, and to take advantage of the cloud and sync all of this stuff between devices on the same account. It's nice that a new TouchPad downloads my latest memos, but why can't changes be synced back to my Pre3? Hmmmm?
Have your own thoughts on this wish list entry? Of course you do - the comments are below. Surely you have your own ideas as to what ought be on the webOS wish list, and so we've created a forum thread just for what is sure to be an awesome discussion.

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