Friday, March 23, 2012

Droid R2-D2 Getting A Maintenance Update

Remember the Droid R2-D2? Verizon does, and will shortly be issuing a maintenance update for the aging, but still capable R2-Droid2. The software version is getting a bump to 4.5.622.A957, on top of Android 2.3.4, and looks like it's chock full of security fixes and enhancements, bug-fixes, and newer versions of Verizon's installed apps. Pretty exciting news, right DROID R2-D2 owners? It may not be Android 4.0, but considering that the DROID R2-D2 didn't appear on Motorola's Ice Cream Sandwich update list, that's not really much of a surprise. If you happen to own a DROID R2-D2 and would like to manually check for the 12MB update, you can do so by heading into Menu > Settings > About phone > System updates.

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