Wednesday, March 7, 2012

iOS 5.1 Brings ’4G’ To AT&T iPhone 4S

There’s a little something that I’m sure many of you will be excited about to see once you update your AT&T iPhone 4S.
As you see from the screenshot of the newly updated iPhone 4S, the 3G indicator has now been replaced with a ’4G’ indicator. The reason for this is because the iPhone 4S meets the minimum requirement for AT&T’s 4G service at 14.4Mbps.
Now granted, the 4S doesn’t technically give you the full benefits of a true 4G service, but it’s one step closer iPhone owners will take to a true 4G iPhone until Apple decides to finally release one. Which will certainly happen now that the iPad has 4G service on both AT&T & Verizon. 

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