Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Features Included In Google Play Store Update

Not long after the Android Market turned into the Google Play Store, it's already getting its first update, which adds some nice additional functionality and features:
  • There are now two tabs under My Apps: "Installed," which lists all currently installed apps on your device; and "All," which lists any apps you have ever installed, just like in the web version of Google Play. This includes all free and purchased apps that aren't uninstalled yet.
  • There's now a dropdown menu with all Google accounts that are linked to your phone, making it much easier to switch between accounts.
  • Several stock apps that never linked properly to the Play Store have now been fixed, meaning all stock apps will now receive updates properly, like they should.
  • Reviews now show what device the reviewer is using, and can now be sorted by most helpful or newest.
  • Additionally, reviews can be sorted to show only ones for the latest version of the app.

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