Tuesday, March 27, 2012

RIM Buys BlackBerrySpin.com Domain

When a company purchases a domain name, it can sometimes point to a new product name. However, sometimes it may just be to thwart confusion, as seen with the case when RIM purchased ‘BlackBerryBlackPad.com’ after rumors circulated that the BlackBerry tablet was codenamed ‘BlackPad’.
Nevertheless, a new domain purchased by RIM has been spotted. The new domain is ‘BlackBerrySpin.com, which of course doesn’t lead anywhere yet. The domain was registered through the brand protection company MarkMonitor, where other web properties that RIM owns like BlackBerryTablet.com are managed.
What could ‘BlackBerry Spin’ be? A BlackBerry 10 phone, tablet or service? Or, merely nothing more than a defensive measure to protect RIM’s intellectual property? If RIM did use ‘BlackBerry Spin’ what should they use the name for?

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