Thursday, April 26, 2012

Canonical Releases Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS has landed today, offering enterprise users a secure and stable Linux operating system for their work environment. LTS stands for Long Term Support, with five years of guaranteed updates for the OS, as well as the option to purchase commercial support. The latest version of Ubuntu brings support for Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol 7.1, plus desktop virtualization for Citrix and VMWare.

That gives enterprise users flexibility for office productivity. They can use desktop applications remotely, use browser-based solutions such as Google Docs, or use the pre-installed LibreOffice which is compatible with Microsoft Office formats. Canonical believe Ubuntu makes a good choice for those faced with expensive Windows 7 upgrades.

There’s also a new menu-based search option, tweaks to the login screen, but most importantly improved performance and power management. Ubuntu has suffered from draining batteries far too quickly in the past, and Canonical says they’re working to fix that with the newer versions of the OS.
What about if you’re running Ubuntu 10.04? Canonical say there will be an easy migration to 12.04, and that the company is looking forward for users to experience the upgrade for themselves. If you’re eager to get downloading, head on over to the Ubuntu website where you should find a torrent waiting for you.

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