Thursday, May 31, 2012

Evernote Hello Launches For Android

Taking a break from issuing a new release of the company’s constantly improving namesake application, Evernote is launching Hello for Android today. Evernote Hello, which was previously exclusive to iPhone users, is an app designed to help make remembering those you meet easier than ever. We have all had one of those moments. A stranger approaches you at a party or business event talking as if they have been an acquaintance for years. The problem is, you don’t immediately recognize them despite realizing you have previously met them. Hello seeks to make this a thing of the past.

The app not only allows you to enter a person into your phone and put a face to the name, but it also builds up the context of where and when you met, what you may have had in common, or even what they were wearing. New features include LinkedIn integration for building business relationships; the ability to comb call history, texts, and calendar events to predict who you are about to meet; and an email function that will send your contact info and a photo to new connections to better establish relationships.

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