Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Facebook To Buy Opera, Planning Its Own Web Browser

It looks like the social networking giant has no limits on buying companies from sometime now. Facebook has already bought Karma, Instagram, and Lightbox, and now the word is that it is after one of the popular internet browser companies, Opera. Yes, the rumor has it that Facebook is in talks with Opera Software to acquire the company in the hopes of getting down into the internet browser competition. Opera is a very well known internet browser application for all your devices, be it your desktop or laptop computer, your iPhone, your iPad, or your Android device, Opera is available for just every device you can think of. And the company has over 200 million users worldwide combined on all platforms.

It would be better to start off with something in your hands rather than start from scratch in the development of an internet browser. This is what the social networking giant is thinking. It plans on competing with the already popular names in the business Firefox, Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Even though Microsoft’s Internet Explorer had been the leading internet browser in the world for a long time, it was recently taken down by Google’s Chrome, which is now the new favorite internet browser for the world.

So even if Facebook buys Opera and comes out with a Facebook customized version of the internet browser, will it be possible for it to beat Chrome so easily? I do not really think so. And the browser would be completely customized for Facebook lovers, for example, we would have the Like button present on the browser itself so you would be able to ‘like’ just anything you see. And the friends’ like would be built into the browser so that you can always see who is online no matter which webpage you are in.

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