Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Google Did Not Infringe On Oracle Patents

Google OracleA jury on Wednesday decided that Google did not infringe on two of Oracle’s patents.
Google may not have infringed on patents, but the jury which has now been sent home for good said Google did infringe on Oracle’s copyrights. According to The Verge, which has followed the case closely from the courtroom, the ruling jury found that Android infringed on “Oracle copyrights by its use of the structure, sequence and organization of 37 Java APIs.” The jury, however, could not reach a verdict in regards to whether or not those features of Android were safe for fair use. Google was also found to have infringed on part of Oracle’s range Check code and eight Java files that it uses in Android.

Judge William Alsup needs to rule on whether or not Oracle can actually copyright parts of its Java APIs. If Aslup decides that Oracle, in fact, cannot copyright that material, then Google will only be responsible for paying damages for copyright infringement on rangeCheck. Otherwise, Google could be required to pay damages for three different copyright infringement charges.
It’s unknown when Aslup will make his final decision but Oracle and Google will be speaking with him today. Google could pay up to $150,00 per count in damages if Aslup rules in Oracle’s favor.

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