Thursday, May 3, 2012

Samsung Reveals Wireless Charging Kit For Galaxy S III

Samsung has revealed the wireless charging kit for the Galaxy S III, a combination of a new battery cover for the third-gen flagship smartphone, and a desk cradle. Set to add the wireless power capabilities we loved from Palm’s webOS models to a far more appealing Android device, the optional kit will allow Galaxy S III owners to cut another cord.
Cord cutting has been a pretty common theme in Samsung’s Galaxy S III announcement. The company is also pushing AllShare, its wireless media streaming technology both AllShare Cast, which sends out content from the phone, and AllShare Play, which can access content stored on other devices worldwide for playback and editing and will be opening up the technology to developers too.
Technical specifications for the wireless charger kit have not been released, so it’s unclear whether it will recharge the Galaxy S III at the same rate as a regular microUSB connection. Based on our experience with third-party inductive chargers, there’s usually a penalty involved in terms of time, but the convenience of dropping your phone into a cradle generally outweighs that.
Pricing is yet to be confirmed, but the Wireless Charging Kit is one of several accessories for the Galaxy S III shown off today.

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