Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Firefox For Android Updated With Flash Support

Mozilla announced on Tuesday that it has updated its Firefox for Android browser with a new user interface, performance tweaks and support for Flash. I typically use Chrome on my Android devices because it’s lightweight and super smooth, plus I like that it syncs up with my bookmarks in my Chrome desktop browser. I decided to give Firefox a whirl this morning on my Samsung Galaxy S III and like that it also offers a sync option for Firefox on the desktop (although I don’t use that browser). I like the default option to search Google, Amazon, Twitter or Wikipedia for whatever you enter into the browser’s search box and it quickly and accurately loaded each web page I visited. It’s also super easy to add new tabs by tapping a “+” button to the right of the search bar and the tabs can be displayed in a drop down menu, each website complete with its own thumbnail. I’ll certainly be using Firefox for Android for the next few days as it appears to be a bit quicker than Chrome for now. The update is free and is available from Google Play now. Let us know what your favorite mobile browser is, and why, in the comments below.

Google Play Store download link

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