Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Today Is Your Last Chance To Download Flash For Your Android Device

Back in the days when Android was fresh off the streets, one of the big things that set it apart from iOS was its ability to run the mobile version of Adobe Flash in the browser. This was available for Android users once Froyo (Android 2.2) was launched. While watching YouTube videos in the browser was handy, at first the images were choppy and hard to view. As the hardware improved and Adobe continued to update the software, videos became smoother and easier to watch. Still, the app does eat a ton of memory and last November Adobe decided to stop development of the application for mobile devices.  

Over the last few months, Adobe has continued to send out updates even though the proverbial writing was on the wall. And with the Chrome for Android browser not providing support for Flash, Adobe has decided that it will pull the app from the Google Play Store on Wednesday. In other words, today is the very last day that you can install Adobe Flash on your Android model. Obviously HTML5 is the future and Adobe will be turning in that direction with its resources.

So is this a posthumous victory for Steve Jobs? The late co-founder of Apple hated Flash, calling it a "CPU hog" to the Wall Street Journal. On January 30 of 2010, during a famous verbal attack Jobs made on Google and Adobe, Jobs called Flash buggy and predicted that no one would be using it in the future, correctly predicting the ascent of HTML5.

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