Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jawbone Brings UP Fitness Bracelet To Android

UP by Jawbone

Android users can now, finally, get Up.

Jawbone’s Up, the fitness tracking wristband that has both a troubled past and a bright future, is now compatible with devices running Google’s mobile operating system thanks to a new Up Android app that hit Google Play on Tuesday night.

The Up previously only worked with Apple’s iOS, and as owners of both the $130 bracelet and an iPhone know, the wearable can be used to track steps and physical movement to calculate an estimate of calories burned throughout the day. If you wear the Up to bed, it’ll track how much sleep you got, and it can even determine how much of that was a deep sleep or light sleep. Like the iOS app, the Android app will include extra features, such as a bar-code scanner to help track the healthiness of what you’re eating and optional notifications that suggest going for a walk if you’ve been stuck at your desk too long.

The Google-friendly Up by Jawbone app, which runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or newer, is free, just as it was in Apple’s App store. Along with the new Android compatibility, a Jawbone rep told Wired on Tuesday that the Up is now on sale in Europe, and that it will hit Asia, Australia and the Middle East in April. And the iOS version of the Up by Jawbone app has been updated to support 11 new languages.

Source: Google Play Store

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