Monday, April 8, 2013

Updated: Facebook Home Beta Leaks, Along With Download

We’re not even a week out from Facebook’s announcement of the HTC First and their new home replacement called Facebook Home, and we already have a leaked beta build to play around with. Thanks to Modaco, you can give Home a spin as long as your device has a screen resolution of 1280×768 or less and doesn't have Facebook baked into your system (meaning you can uninstall Facebook). If you have a Nexus, it would be the perfect phone to test this on. 
Below, you’ll find .apk files for the Facebook app, new Messenger client, and the Home launcher itself. Before you begin, it’s a good idea (maybe even required) to uninstall Facebook completely from your phone and then start fresh with these three .apk files below
Again, uninstall Facebook from your phone. Then install these. I had success by installing Facebook, then the Launcher, and finally Messenger. Once done, log in to Facebook and enjoy.
You’ll notice that one of the most important features, Chat Heads, is missing. For whatever reason, that feature is not working at this time.

UPDATE: it looks as if Facebook has disabled the home launcher on there server, all i get is a blank black screen when using Fabebook Home launcher. 

Download link:  Facebook App | Messenger App | Home Launcher

Source:  Modaco

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