Friday, May 17, 2013

Samsung Announces The Availability Of Samsung TecTiles 2

Samsung has announced the next generation of their TecTile NFC offering. Dubbed TecTiles 2, the programmable stickers are designed to be fully operable with all NFC enabled handsets from Samsung, including the Galaxy S4.

As with the original TecTiles launched alongside the Galaxy S3, TecTiles 2 feature a companion app for Samsung smartphones that allows users to create custom NFC-based functions. You can get an idea of this from our review for the original TecTiles, but basic interactions include toggling settings like Bluetooth or WiFi, opening a specific application, or checking into Foursquare or Facebook.

You can buy them starting today direct from Samsung and soon from other retailers. A pack of five cost priced at $14.99.

This article we wrote back on April 27th explains why the original Samsung Tectiles will not work with the Samsung Galaxy S4, check it out here....

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