Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Yahoo announces Flickr Storage Has Been Bumped To 1TB

Yahoo is doing it big today, and during an event in New York they have announced a complete revamp of Flickr. The interface of the website has changed, and now features content blocks and full bleed images instead of the thumbnail or list view of the past. In addition, registered users now have 1TB (as in a terabyte) of free storage space to keep their photos (depending on the photo size is anywhere between 100,000 to 300,000 photos), more than any other online service.
Last December, the Flickr app for iOS received a nice update, and today Yahoo says the Android app will be updated to the same version. That includes a UI change away from the grid we have now to a more content-focused layout resembling the website, as well as better social sharing through Facebook and Tumblr, photo editing and filters via Aviary, and photo-viewing enhancements like zooming and photo details. The update is now live, so if you're a user be sure hit the Google Play and iOS link below to download.

Google Play Store link 
Apple App Store link

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