Sunday, May 4, 2014

OnePlus Smash The Past Contest Winners Now Have The Option To Donate Their Devices

OnePlus heard you loud an clear OnePlus' Smash the Past contest officially wrapped on May 2nd, and in addition to revealing how many people applied for the promotion OnePlus has also altered the program slightly.
OnePlus has announced that it’s adding a new option to its Smash the Past promo that will allow winners to donate their smartphone rather than destroying it. Originally, the contest called for 100 applicants to smash their smartphone in exchange for the ability to buy a OnePlus One for $1. Now OnePlus says that those winners will also have the option of donating their device to Medic Mobile, a nonprofit that gives phones to healthcare works around the globe.
OnePlus spent the months leading up to the One’s debut by trickling out its spec details to help build hype for the device, so it’s no surprise that the company came up with a unique contest for consumers to buy the One. The original Smash the Past promo caught quite a bit of flak, though, with many suggesting that winners could do something much more useful with their old phone instead of smashing it. It’s nice to see that OnePlus took that criticism to heart, and hopefully the Smash the Past winners decide to donate their devices instead of destroying them.
Along with this new Smash the Past donate option, OnePlus also dropped a few interesting tidbits about the promo. The company says that more than 140,000 people applied to smash their phones and that some of the more creative destruction methods that were suggested by users include using a flamethrower on the device, throwing ninja starts at it or cooking it with spaghetti bolognese.
We'd like to say kudo's to OnePlus, you heard your fans loud and clear...
Source: OnePlus

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