Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sprint Is Now Officially The Number Four Carrier In The US

T-Mobile CEO John Legere let some interesting information slip out during T-Mobile’s Uncannier announcement conference call via Periscope live stream. Last quarter, Legere said that T-Mobile gained 2.1 million net customers, bringing its total subscriber count to 58.9 million subscribers. Sprint currently has only around 57.1 million subscribers.
Legere predicted that T-Mobile would overtake Sprint by the end of 2014 and by most counts T-Mobile did. Sprint’s numbers have been inflated for a while now. It is said that Sprint counts pay as you go customers as active subscribers, even if they haven’t accessed the network in over 90 days. T-Mobile, and most of the rest of the industry stops counting inactive subscribers at the 90 day mark.
So T-Mobile has had more active users than Sprint for some time now, even though Sprint’s “official” numbers were higher.

Source: Wikipedia

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