Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Charter, Comcast In Talks With Sprint For MVNO Deal

Image result for comcast charterComcast and Charter working with Sprint is a two way street. Sprint could also try and negotiate its way into using the fiber cable that Comcast and Charter have both laid throughout the US where these Comcast and Charter are in the top three for ISP’s in the US.

Having access to that fiber would help Sprint add more capacity to its network, as well as more coverage. It would also help in the 5G department in the next few years seeing as 5G is using quite a bit of fiber cable, making a deal with Comcast or Charter would be much cheaper and easier to deploy then building out the infrastructure needed.

A complete buyout of Sprint by either Comcast or Charter is not actually off of the table yet, according to recent reports. 

Sprint is still in exclusive talks with both Comcast and Charter, so it’s very possible that one might have enough interest in Sprint to buy a significant portion of the company. SoftBank does still want to be part owner but it is looking for a way to bring in more cash to help Sprint expand and keep up with the rest of the industry.

Source: The Street

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