Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Google's Allo Messaging App Lands On The Web

Image result for google Allo logoGoogle brought its assistant backed Allo messaging application to the web. Allo on the web requires Google's Chrome browser and can only interact with Allo on Android smartphones for now (iPhone support is coming later.) Google says Allo web access requires the latest version of the mobile Allo app on your handset in order to function. 

The setup process includes a scannable QR code to link the phone and web accounts. There are some limitations. Google says Allo for web only displays what's in the mobile app meaning if the phone runs out of battery or the user quits the app the web client will cease to work or show conversations. 

Meanwhile, a significant number of features are not available on the web such as adding/removing group members, notification/privacy settings, and select chat tools including taking photos, deleting conversations, and blocking contacts. The web version of Allo allows Android device owners to send messages to one another from their web browser. Allo is free to download by following the source links below.

Source: Google Play Store, Allo

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