Wednesday, August 1, 2018

ZAGG Inc Acquires BRAVEN Audio From Incipio

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ZAGG announced that it has acquired BRAVEN from Incipio Group, the company did not mention how much it paid for the audio company. Incipio Group purchased BRAVEN back in 2013, in an effort to expand its brand and products that it sells. Which makes it interesting that Incipio Group sold BRAVEN to ZAGG.

In the press release issued yesterday, ZAGG mentions that the BRAVEN acquisition is going to allow ZAGG to extend its leadership position in the world of smartphone accessories. ZAGG will be able to leverage BRAVEN’s focus on product, brand, distribution and operational excellence. 

BRAVEN is quite well known for its popular rugged speakers and headphones. While BRAVEN’s speakers don’t match up to Sony, Bose, and Beats in terms of sound quality it does offer great sound in a rugged build. Some of the speakers are rugged enough to be run over with a car which is pretty impressive. 

ZAGG says that it will leverage BRAVEN’s broad retail presence,global distribution channels and supply chain which will help ZAGG boost its sales and profitability.

Source: ZAGG

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