Thursday, November 17, 2011

Did Ice Cream Sandwich for tablet appears in leaked press image

While the Galaxy Nexus and its international release complete with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich aboard are easily the biggest news surrounding the release of Google’s newest mobile OS, it would seem that Google is already ramping up its efforts to show off the tablet-based capabilities of the system. What you’re seeing here is an official Google-made render of two devices, one looking rather similar to the Galaxy Nexus, the other looking much closer to a Galaxy Tab, though both have slight smoothings out of detail that make them instead simply rather well made renders. Google is likely to release this image imminently on one of their home pages.
Meanwhile you can take comfort in knowing that Ice Cream Sandwich wont look all that different from what Honeycomb looked like on the tablet, complete with the three buttons in the lower left (updated to reflect the change in icons now) as well as the slightly more cyan-colored accents. Icons sit on the first homepage as they would otherwise, and the time in the lower right-hand corner is updated to the new font made specifically for this system alongside a wi-fi signal and a full battery. You’ll find an apps button in the upper right, and a simple Google search widget in the upper left.

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