Thursday, November 17, 2011

Motorola Hit with Lawsuit Over Alleged Stolen Trade Secrets

Motorola has been sued by a software developer firm named Lemko over allegations that it misappropriated trade secrets that were stolen from Lemko. Lemko alleges that Motorola hired an ex-Lemko employee, who gave Motorola code related to how base stations and cell phones determine one-another's exact location. Lemko also alleges that Motorola shipped this code to its operations in China. Further, Lemko alleges that Motorola admitted the code theft and then destroyed all evidence of the theft and the admission. "Lemko is committed to protecting itself against the theft of its software. Lemko will vigorously defend its intellectual property rights and will exercise its legal rights to prevent Motorola's illegal sale which would result in the fraudulent conveyance of our source code to Google," said the company in a statement. The lawsuit was filed in Cook County Circuit Court, and applies to Motorola Mobility, and the former Motorola, Inc.

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