Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Google Chrome Beta Now Available For Android 4.0 Devices

While we assumed it would be out some day, Google has officially released its Chrome browser for Android. While still in beta, Chrome for Android brings some great features to the table and we’ll likely never look at another mobile browser again if it keeps it up.
As you’d expect, the browser is hardly perfect but Google has added some truly nice features and implements some interesting takes on simple tasks you’d find on any browser of its kind.
First off, much like the desktop version, Chrome for Android is fast. Pages load quickly and you can skip through open tabs with a simple sliding gesture of your finger from the edge of the display. This fluid motion will make you get to the page you want as quick as possible. Also new in tabs is the way you manage them. The layout of Chrome is painfully simple and getting to open tabs is as easy as a button next to the search box within the browser. You’ll then be given a nice, card-like overview of your tabs where they can be dismissed with a simple swipe. Furthermore, if selected in settings, you can physically flick the device to reveal open tabs.
The layout of Chrome is very simplistic and easy to use. You’re given the search bar, the tabs button, and the “Action overflow / not a menu” button to get into your settings.  The basic landing page is reminiscent of what a new tab will show you in the desktop version of Chrome, which will show you frequently visited pages. You can also access bookmarks from your desktop if you use Chrome sync, making it that much easier to get you where you need to go.
There’s a lot more to cover about Chrome for Android and stay tuned for more as we keep digging around.

Available for Android 4.0+ only, you can grab Chrome at the Android Market here.

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