Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Zynga With Friends Announced

During today’s “Zynga Unleashed” press conference, the massive social games maker announced a new platform for their products: Zynga With Friends.

Zynga has published several games on platforms like Facebook, Google+, Android and iOS. Users playing those games were relegated to socially connecting with users on the same platform. That fragmentation has been a constant problem for the publishing and developing company.

Zynga With Friends will eliminate device barriers and create one single, cross-platform network so that any user can play with any other user, regardless of their preferred method.

The newly announced service will also allow for immediate multiplayer (rather than the current turn-based formula), social streams and cross-platform chatting.

The service has not been launched yet, but it will be available on Zynga.com, Facebook and mobile devices later this year.

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